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Superintendent Glenn Niles announces his retirement 

headshot of Glenn NilesThe Arkport Board of Education has accepted a request for retirement from Superintendent of Schools Glenn P. Niles, effective Sept. 30, 2016. Dr. Niles announced the news in an email to district employees this morning (Thursday, June 30):

“… After nearly 16 years with Arkport Central School, the time feels right to close one immensely rewarding chapter and look ahead to whatever comes next,” Dr. Niles told staff members. “Since joining the Arkport community in 2002, I have had the pleasure and privilege of developing lifelong personal and professional relationships with each of you; you are an amazing group of energetic, creative and dedicated educators and professionals. It has been wonderful working with all of you; the support and collegiality you have all provided has been tremendous and helped me get through many challenges that being superintendent presents. This has been, and continues to be, an incredible journey.”


Summer learning: Make it part of your family’s summer routine

From the latest edition of Parent Today:

By Carole Spendley

"Sometimes I wonder what I'm a-gonna do
But there ain't no cure for the summertime blues."

photo of child reading

From the time my kids were little, our family took part in a special tradition and implemented it faithfully each May, until the children got to the age when they were working or simply too busy. I would hang a large blank piece of paper on the kitchen wall and ask them to write down the things they most wanted to do that summer. The sky was the limit! This was their dream list of the perfect summer break, and suggestions involved both little things like going out for ice cream, and big events, like visiting their grandparents in Florida. Their ideas served as the basis for their summer plans.

When my kids were little, they wanted to go to the zoo, play mini golf or sell lemonade at their own lemonade stand. When they were older, concerts, New York Yankees games and vacation destinations made their lists. We knew we would never fit it all in, but it was fun have a snapshot of their interests at that particular stage of their lives.

The key to these plans, whether the kids were 5 or 15, was creating learning experiences for them. We looked for ways to reinforce their classroom lessons in everything we did as a family during those summer months.

Read the complete story on the What's New page.

Voters approve 2016-17 budget proposal, elect new BOE member

thank you voters graphic

See details on the budget page.

Students compete in third annual Math Challenge

Math Challenge grade level championsOn April 8, the Parent-Teacher-Student Organization sponsored the third annual Math Challenge, a multiplication math fact competition played in an "Around the World" style. Every classroom in grades 3-6 chose five contestants to compete against each other to come up with four grade-level champions: Lizzie Young (third grade); Haley Armeli (fourth grade); Braydon Brewster (fifth grade); and Patience Greunke (sixth grade). The two finalists – one from grades 3-4 and one from grades 5-6 – then faced off in a final showdown. Congratulations to overall math fact champ, Braydon!

Photo at right (left to right): Braydon Brewster, Lizzie Young, Haley Armeli and Patience Greunke. Below: Grand math champion, Braydon Brewster.


Tests show school drinking water is safe 

thumbs up iconSamples taken from Arkport School Central drinking fountains last month showed the concentration of lead in the school’s drinking water is well below the maximum allowed by the U.S. Department of Environmental Protection. 

Under the EPA’s Lead and Copper Rule, the “action level” for lead is exceeded if more than 10 percent of tap water samples have a lead concentration greater than 15 parts per billion, or 0.015 milligrams per liter. Of the dozen samples taken at Arkport on March 22, 10 had lead levels of less than 0.0010 milligrams per liter; one registered at exactly 0.0010 mg/L; and one was 0.0023 mg/L — all well below the acceptable limit. 

“I’m happy to report the lab results confirmed what we suspected all along: The water flowing out of the drinking fountains in Arkport Central School is perfectly safe,” Superintendent of Schools Glenn Niles said. 

The school building’s water comes from the village, whose supply is tested frequently and has been certified as safe. In light of recent news reports of lead contamination across the country and as close as Rochester, Arkport school officials opted to test the building’s water as a precaution.

A copy of the April 7 lead study report, prepared by Life Science Laboratories, Inc., is available here and in the district office. 


Kindergarten Registration at
Arkport Central School

 Arkport Central School will be conducting kindergarten screenings on May 19 and 20 for children who will be five years old by December 1, 2016 or will turn six during the 2016-2017 school year.  Please call Mrs. Karr at 295-7471 ext.1140 to register your child and to be placed on the mailing list for a registration packet.  Please do this as soon as possible.

 If you have any questions, you may call the Elementary Principal, Mrs. Caitilin Dewey, or Mrs. Karr at 295-7471 ext. 1140.

State now requires meningitis vaccination in grades 7 & 12

image of syringeNew York state now requires students entering seventh and 12th grades to be vaccinated against meningococcal disease.

Does your child need to be vaccinated before the start of the 2016-17 school year to meet this requirement?

The answer depends on more than just your child's age and grade level. When, or if, a child has previously been vaccinated for meningococcal disease will determine when shots will be necessary under the state's new requirements that go into effect Sept. 1, 2016.

Read the complete story on the Health & Safety page.


District receives communications survey results, plans focus group follow-up

clipboard imageArkport Central School District administrators have received and are now digging into the results of the online surveys conducted earlier this year.

The district partnered with School Communications Performance Evaluation (SCoPE) Surveys to administer three surveys – one each for community, faculty/staff and parents/families – to help Arkport evaluate the effectiveness of its communication with these key groups.

“I want to thank everyone in Arkport who took the time to give us valuable feedback,” Superintendent of Schools Glenn Niles said. “SCoPE has provided us with loads of data, which frankly we’re still in the process of analyzing. But we already have a strong sense of what our community thinks and expects of our communication efforts, and soon we’ll plan next steps to help us understand why.”

Read the complete story on the What's New? page.

Sign up to receive emergency alerts via text message

chalk image of text message

Arkport Central School District recently partnered with the notification service School Messenger to send “short message service” (SMS) texts to school community members who “opt in” to receive them.

The district will use this technology to remind residents about upcoming events and school activities, as well as notify them about inclement weather, safety alerts, school closings and delays or other important information impacting the school district.

Interested? Just text the word YES or OPTIN to 67587. (You can opt out of alerts at any time by replying STOP to any message you receive, or HELP if you need assistance.)

Residents can look up tax bill information online

photo of computer laptopSteuben County has set up a Web page where residents of Arkport Central School District can look up information on their 2014-15 tax bills from last summer, as well as their upcoming 2015-16 tax bills.

Click here to access the page.

State releases math, ELA assessment scores

bubble exam sheet

The New York State Department of Education on Aug. 12 released district and school results for the English and math assessments that students in grades three through eight took in the spring of 2015.

As in the past, students' scores on the tests are converted into a scoring range of 1 through 4 meant to indicate the degree of proficiency in the Common Core Learning Standards for the grade level. Scores at level 3-4 indicate proficiency (4 means that a student excels in the standards), while levels 1-2 indicate a student is below proficiency.

Students statewide have made incremental progress in ELA and math since 2013, the first year assessments aligned to the more rigorous learning standards were administered in grades 3-8.

Overall, Arkport scored above the Steuben County averages in half of the tests administered and above the New York state averages in five of the tests. 

Read the complete story on the "What's New?" page.

Arkport among U.S. News & World Report’s 2015 Best High Schools


U.S. News & World Report bronze medal badgeArkport Central School has earned a bronze medal in U.S. News & World Report’s 2015 Best High Schools rankings, based on standardized tests scores and other data, the magazine announced in May.

U.S. News today published detailed information online about more than 21,150 public high schools, including school-specific data on enrollment, student ethnicity, location, school type and results of state assessments, as well as Advanced Placement and International Baccalaureate tests. Using some of these data and a comprehensive methodology, the news organization gave many of the schools a college readiness index score, with the top-scoring 6,500-plus schools receiving a gold, silver or bronze medal – and in the case of gold and silver schools, a national numerical ranking.

Arkport Central School Closing and Delay Procedures

In the event that the school district commences a "One Hour Delay" the following will occur:
•   The automated notification system will be used to notify staff and students
•   Principals will contact any necessary personnel for supervision
•   All faculty and staff are expected to report to school as close to 8:00 AM as possible
•   Cereal, juice, and milk will be the only items provided for breakfast in the cafeteria
•   Any Regents exams that may be scheduled will take place at their scheduled time
•   Students will be transported to morning BOCES
•   School will begin at 9:05 AM

In the event that the school district commences a "Two Hour Delay" the following will occur:
•    The automated notification system will be used to notify staff and students
•   Principals will contact any necessary personnel for supervision
•   All faculty and staff are expected to report to school as close to 8:00 AM as possible
•   Cereal, juice, and milk will be the only items provided for breakfast in the cafeteria
•   Any Regents exams that may be scheduled will take place at their scheduled time
•   There will be no morning BOCES bus run.  Full day and afternoon students will be transported in the afternoon run.
•   School will begin at 10:05 AM

In the event that the school district commences a "Closure" the following will occur:
• The automated notification system will be used to notify staff and students
• All after school activities are automatically cancelled
• The following TV stations are contacted:  YNN, WETM, and WENY
• The following radio stations are contacted: WLEA/WCKR, WHHO/WKPQ, WHAM

And as always, check the school web site for the most up-to-date information.

Helpful Links for Parents

PTA & NYSUT publication about the Common Core

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Common Core Math Video Gallery

EngageNY Student Activities 

Additional links are available by clicking on the "Parents" link above, then clicking on "common Core" links on the left side of the page.

Annual Professional Performance Review Information

In accordance with Education Law 3012-d the Arkport Central School District will make available to parents or legal guardians your child’s current teacher’s final rating and composite effectiveness score beginning October 28, 2016. You must make this request to the grade level principal (K-6:  Mrs. Dewey; 7-12: Mr. Harper) and will be required to come to the school for a brief meeting to receive the scores.

To view the District's APPR plan click on the "documents" link on the left of the page.

In accordance with Section 1 of subpart F of Chapter 56 of the laws of 2016, it should be noted that the district is not using any standardized tests not specified by the NYSED.