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Update: No aid increase for next two years unless Legislature approves Cuomo’s proposal

According to language in Gov. Cuomo’s proposed budget bill, if the legislature does not enact the education reforms the governor outlined in his budget address on Wednesday, Jan. 21, districts will not receive any aid greater than their 2014-15 amount for each of the next two years.

Read the complete update on the district's budget page.

Governor calls for $1.1 billion school aid increase and education reforms, with no mention of the GEA

Under the Executive Budget Proposal outlined by Governor Andrew Cuomo on Jan. 21, state funding for schools would increase by $1.1 billion next year – provided state lawmakers go along with a series of education reforms that he described as “ambitious” in his combined budget address and State of the State message.

The reforms Mr. Cuomo proposed include an overhaul of the existing teacher evaluation law, more stringent tenure requirements, funding to expand preschool programs, lifting the cap on charter schools, and a new turnaround process for the state’s lowest performing schools.

An additional $1.1 billion in state aid next year would represent a 4.8 percent increase over the current year. The governor did not detail how the money would be distributed, and district-by-district breakdowns are not yet available.

The governor also did not address the Gap Elimination Adjustment, or GEA, which is the mechanism through which the state has diverted promised school funding over the last five years to meet other budget priorities. In that time, schools have lost more than $9.52 billion cumulatively to the GEA, and they are still owed $1.04 billion.

The overall proposed increase in aid falls short of the $2 billion or more that the New York State Board of Regents and leading education groups have called for to meet the needs of students next year.

Read the complete story on the district budget page.

Food Service Needs Your Feedback

Our food service provider is seeking feedback from parents and student.  Please use the link below to go to the survey page and help our cafeteria folks to better serve you their customers!

The survey will be open through February.


Merger advisory committee to discuss finances at Arkport

This discussion topic for February's school/community merger advisory committee meeting will be finance.  The meeting is scheduled on Monday, Feb. 2 at 6:00 pm in the Arkport Central School Performing Arts Center.

Last week's follow-up meeting minutes and outline can be found by clicking on the "Merger Study" link on the right of this page.


Parent Today: Toys that teach prove valuable long after the holidays

Just as the Grinch puzzled and puzzed 'til his puzzler was sore (that maybe Christmas doesn't come from a store), Parent Today contributor Karen Nerney weighs in on the value of finding "toys that teach" under the Christmas tree. 

"A look of alarm crossed my son's face when I suggested there would be only learning gifts under the tree this year.

"That's a horrible idea," he said, as visions of flash cards, "boring educational books," dictionaries and maps danced through his head.

I assured him he had nothing to fear — most of the items on his wish list, including Legos® (construction, problem-solving) and the Hot Wheels® Super Loop Chase Race set (velocity, gravity), are learning toys. He breathed a sigh of relief.

Toys that teach are gifts that keep on giving long after the decorations have been packed away. But remember: The packaging doesn't have to scream "learn something from this" for its contents to be educational. In fact, toys that obviously promote a lesson may be less appealing and have less play value than those that encourage a child to unknowingly explore and learn."

Read the complete story on the Parent Today website. Not a Parent Today subscriber? Why not? It's an e-newsletter available free to Arkport families. Go to www.parenttoday.org to sign up or click here to learn more. The district's 5-digit ID is 14807. 

Copyright ©2014 by Parent Today and Capital Region BOCES; Used with permission.


The Arkport Central School girls soccer team beat Poland Central School in the state Championship game on Sunday!  Congratulations to the girls and the entire coaching staff!

Fantastic girls!

2014 Steuben County and NYS Class D Award Recipients

Steuben County:
Offensive MVP:  Amanda Swarts
Co-Defensive MVP: Nichole Gibson

1st Team All-Star:  Brooke Geibel, Courtney McDaniel, Erin Geibel
2nd Team All-Star: Sable Bugman, Emily Saxton, Allison VanScoter, Jenna Theilen

NYSPHSAA State Tournament:
Semi-Finals of States: Sportsmanship Award- Jenna Theilen
Finals of States: Goal Keeper of the Tournament- Nichole Gibson
Finals of States: Player of the Game- Brooke Geibel

All State Team Members:
Co-MVP of NYS Class D: Amanda Swarts
1st Team All State:  Amanda Swarts, Nichole Gibson, Brooke Geibel
4th Team All State: Jenna Theilen, Erin Geibel

Arkport Central School Closing and Delay Procedures

In the event that the school district commences a "One Hour Delay" the following will occur:
•   The automated notification system will be used to notify staff and students
•   Principals will contact any necessary personnel for supervision
•   All faculty and staff are expected to report to school as close to 8:00 AM as possible
•   Cereal, juice, and milk will be the only items provided for breakfast in the cafeteria
•   Any Regents exams that may be scheduled will take place at their scheduled time
•   Students will be transported to morning BOCES
•   School will begin at 9:05 AM

In the event that the school district commences a "Two Hour Delay" the following will occur:
•    The automated notification system will be used to notify staff and students
•   Principals will contact any necessary personnel for supervision
•   All faculty and staff are expected to report to school as close to 8:00 AM as possible
•   Cereal, juice, and milk will be the only items provided for breakfast in the cafeteria
•   Any Regents exams that may be scheduled will take place at their scheduled time
•   There will be no morning BOCES bus run.  Full day and afternoon students will be transported in the afternoon run.
•   School will begin at 10:05 AM

In the event that the school district commences a "Closure" the following will occur:
• The automated notification system will be used to notify staff and students
• All after school activities are automatically cancelled
• The following TV stations are contacted:  YNN, WETM, and WENY
• The following radio stations are contacted: WLEA/WCKR, WHHO/WKPQ, WHAM

And as always, check the school web site for the most up-to-date information.

District prepared to respond to health concerns

illustration of hands washing

The fall and winter months often mean more cold symptoms, influenza and occasional fevers. This season is no different, but recent media reports about communicable diseases in New York City and Dallas, Texas, have prompted Arkport Central School to both review its procedures for preventing the spread of illnesses (such as the flu and colds) and also to respond to requests from the New York State Department of Health (DOH) and the New York State Education Department (SED) to distribute information about Ebola.

"Exceedingly small" likelihood of Ebola occurring in schools

To date, only four people in the United States have tested positive for Ebola in the last six months out of the thousands who have traveled to Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone, where the outbreak began. The DOH is monitoring the case of a physician in New York City who traveled to the area on a humanitarian trip. According to the DOH and SED, however, "The likelihood of a student with symptoms of Ebola presenting in a school in New York is exceedingly small." In an abundance of caution, though, districts across the state are being proactive and sharing tips on how to help prevent the spread of illnesses, as well as facts about Ebola.

Click here for more information about prevention.

2014-15 School Calendar

Click on the document below for the 2014-15 school calendar.

Parent Today: It's not just a cold; EV-D68 a serious threat for some kids

Parent Today logoThe newest edition of the Parent Today e-newsletter offers a timely article about Enterovirus D68.
Here's an excerpt:

A new virus sweeping through the Midwest -- and now appearing in the northeast including New York state -- has parents concerned and health officials on alert. The virus, known as Enterovirus D68 (EV-D68), has hit children particularly hard, sickening hundreds. EV-D68 is believed to be associated with the common cold, but symptoms can quickly escalate, particularly in children who have pre-existing respiratory conditions such as asthma.

No deaths have been reported, but a number of children have required hospitalization.

First detected in 1962, the virus is relatively rare, and as a result hasn't been studied much.

"The virus likely spreads from person to person when an infected person coughs, sneezes, or touches contaminated surfaces," according to an advisory from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Symptoms are similar to those of a really bad cold, and for most people, the virus will cause mild respiratory illness.

Click here to read the complete story. 

Parent Today is provided free of charge to families in Arkport Central School District. Subscribers must have Internet access and an email address to receive Parent Today. Families can sign up at the Parent Today website. (The district's five-digit ID is 14807.)

US News and World Reports Ranks Arkport Central School Among the Best

To read more about this award click here.

Congratulations faculty, staff, students, administration and community for letting your hard work show through!

Seven Leading Statewide Education Organizations call for "Common Ground on Common Core"

On Monday, the NYS Council of School Superintendents (NYSCOSS) and six other statewide organizations comprising the Educational Conference Board issued a joint statement calling for a five-point action plan to fulfill the promise of the Common Core Learning Standards.

The Click HERE to read the statement.

The Click HERE to read the news release.

Helpful Links for Parents

PTA & NYSUT publication about the Common Core

EngageNY ELA Videos
EngageNY Math Videos

Common Core Math Video Gallery

EngageNY Student Activities

Additional links are available by clicking on the "Parents" link above, then clicking on "common Core" links on the left side of the page.

Annual Professional Performance Review Information

In accordance with Education Law 3012-c(10)(c) the Arkport Central School District will make available to parents or legal guardians your child’s current teacher’s final rating and composite effectiveness score beginning October 18, 2013. You must make this request to the grade level principal (K-6:  Mrs. Dewey; 7-12: Mr. Harper) and will be required to come to the school for a brief meeting to receive the scores.

To view the District's APPR plan click on the "documents" link on the left of the page.

In accordance with Section 1 of subpart F of Chapter 56 of the laws of 2014, it should be noted that the district is not using any standardized tests not specified by the NYSED.

Standard Work DayResolution for Employees* RS 2418
Office of the New York State Comptroller
New York State and Local Retirement System
Employees’ Retirement System
Police and Fire Retirement System
110 State Street, Albany, New York 12244-0001

BE IT RESOLVED, that the Arkport Central School District, Location code 74605, hereby establishes the following as standard work days for its employees and will report days worked to the New York State and LocalEmployees’ Retirement System based on the time keeping system or the record of activities maintained and submittedby these members to the clerk of this body:

Title Standard Work Day(Hrs/day)


Standard Work

 District Clerk  7
 Treasurer 7
 Tax Collector7

On this 10th day of December, 2014.

Meghann Khork, District Clerk, Date enacted: December 10, 2014.

I, Meghann Khork, clerk of the governing board of the Arkport Central School District, of the State of New York, do hereby certify that I have compared the foregoing with the original resolution passed bysuch board, at a legally convened meeting held on the 10th day of December, 2014 on file as part of theminutes of such meeting, and that same is a true copy thereof and the whole of such original.

I further certify that the full board, consists of 5 members, and that 5 of such members were present at suchmeeting and that 5 of such members voted in favor of the above resolution.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I have hereunto Set my hand and the seal of the Arkport Central School District.

*To be used for all employees. Please list Elected and Appointed Officials on the form (RS2417-A) Standard Workday and Reporting Resolution for Elected and Appointed Officials.